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Event: Quarterly Investor Roundtable (July 7)

Join us for a repartee-style webinar featuring Mazarine's network of investors who are also targeting some type of investment opportunity relating to water and/or wastewater. This series of quarterly roundtables continues to include a diverse group of investors who have some aspect of 'water' in their investment thesis.


After welcome remarks from the moderator, featured participants spend a few minutes introducing themselves, then via moderated discussion share their investment thesis, strategy, rationale behind one or two recent investments (or opportunities they are eyeing), and a broader discussion of trends.


This roundtable discussion is sans-powerpoint, and attendees should expect more of a discussion than pitches or presentations.


Catalyze more syndication and collaboration amongst Mazarine's syndicate of investors who have a thesis that includes investment in innovations, utilities, or projects that include some aspect of water/wastewater. Many in the syndicate are investors who are new to 'water' and interested in some type of participation, including co-investment.


Learn about where and how 'water' focused managers are finding compelling investment opportunities in: agriculture/aquaculture, the built environment, conservation, financial services, heavy & light industry, and/or utilities. It will be recorded for those who cannot make the live session.


Mark Bertler, McLean Group (Moderator)

Anders Hallsby PhD, Mazarine Ventures

Will Sarni, Colorado River Basin Fund

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