Building off decades in 'water', we are investors who understand the different markets where water is a key risk/opportunity, and we know the exits.


Experienced 'Water-tech' Investors

We have years of experience in the technologies and markets where we invest. This allows us to de-risk our investments in early-stage companies and generate higher returns.

Background: Tami and John knew each other from a previous 'water-tech' venture fund, and with the addition of Anders and Pete, the Mazarine partnership was formed in 2018. Fund I's first investment was in January 2019, Mazarine Labs was set up in 2020, Fund II launched in late 2021, and Fund III will launch in 2023. 


Investment Thesis:  By investing in early-stage technology companies with innovations that address water-related inefficiencies and/or risks we can generate significant social and environmental impact, and financial return.  

Worldview:   Water, the protagonist or 'hero' in humanity's story has become the antagonist (the disrupter) adversely affecting industries as diverse as agriculture, mineral processing, and human health.  We can keep water-the-antagonist off-stage by leveraging technological innovations. 

Where we Operate: Mazarine operates in Ag-tech as much as we operate in Health-tech, Insur-tech, Fin-tech, Prop-tech, and Climate-tech. 'Water' is a risk factor across many industries, which means we operate in many industries beyond simply 'the water industry'.  

Why Mazarine:  We are technologists passionate about social and environmental impact, we understand markets, and know the exits.  

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Water is our specialty

The common denominator for all of our investments is that water is the main protagonist. And with water quality and quantity being a risk across our society and economy, this means we are engaged in many different sectors.



Time travel required

We look for founders who have been to the future and come back. These are visionaries who have defined opportunities others simply don't see yet, or don't have the ability to pursue. 


Investment Opportunities

Mazarine frames investment opportunities in "water" with a lens that enables us to see opportunities in a more actionable way.  Our Point of View (PoV) is that investors are likely to see compelling "water" opportunities if they look at "water" through one or more of these 4 lenses: ​

Public Health & Safety 

Never before has the public’s awareness and concern around potable and recreational waters been this high or widespread.  The companies Mazarine backs are providing new tools for detection and mitigation.

Climate Risks

Decarbonization is one ‘side’ of Climate-tech; but adapting to a changed climate is the other. The public and private sectors both seek technology innovations to support their climate adaptation efforts, which is mostly a water-risk story. 

Environmental Protection Risks

Both the private and public sectors see an increasing need to protect and manage wetlands, mangroves, watersheds, estuaries, and a wide range of 'natural infrastructure' assets that affect marine, terrestrial, and human life.

Business Continuity Risks


Companies, spanning nearly every sector, are seeking improved tools for proactively, and more effectively, managing their water-related risks, whether quantity or quality.  

*Naturally there is overlap across these 4 realms. For example: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are a public health & safety risk, as well as a climate adaptation and environmental protection risk.   Water & wastewater utilities face risks across all 4 realms.  

Mazarine measures our impact by applying the ESG framework to score early-stage technology companies on how their innovation supports their customers’ ESG efforts.

What is our scoring model?

Mazarine developed a proprietary scoring model used during due diligence to identify and understand where and how an early-stage technology company’s innovation can support their customers in their respective E, S, or G efforts. A higher score suggests the company’s offering significantly boosts their customers’ ESG efforts, and lower a score indicates there is only nominal support. 

During due diligence, an ESG score is developed for each prospective portfolio company by asking a series of probing questions that reveal impact potential in E, S or G.   (See questions on the right)

Contact Mazarine for a more detailed introduction to Mazarine's impact mission, ESG scoring model, and how each of our portfolio companies scored. 

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Where and how does this company’s offering support its customers’ efforts to meet “E” goals by: a) mitigating carbon emissions, b) reducing waste and pollution, c) preserving natural resources, or d) addressing various environmental risks?   



Where and how does this company’s innovation support its customers’ efforts to meet “S” goals by: a) enhancing public health & safety, b) increasing access to safe drinking water, or c) improving a utility's ability to maintain current pricing of water for its most vulnerable and lower-income customers?  



Does this company’s offering support its customers’ efforts to meet “G” goals by delivering innovations that provide: a) improved regulatory compliance, b) increased transparency and democratization of water-related data – like water quality and flooding, c) expanded conservation, or d) more efficient management of water-related assets.  

Still have questions about us?  Check our FAQ