Mazarine Labs is our in-house incubator, created to offer founders a place to explore their vision and refine their offering in partnership with Mazarine and our network.   

Abstract Water
Quietly incubating the next generation of solutions that address water/wastewater challenges   
We have no other obligations beyond your interests, and ours.  

An incubator

Let's expend the thinking on your idea

Mazarine Labs helps entrepreneurs join the next generation of early-stage companies addressing water and/or wastewater challenges, and become one of the young companies that industry leaders talk about. 


Whether addressing water/wastewater challenges in agriculture, buildings, industry, or utilities, this arm of Mazarine offers mentorship at the earliest stage, whether commercializing university research or an existing company that is still trying to catch their “wind”.  

Before participating in demo days or raising outside money, Mazarine Labs offers entrepreneurs a safe place to ask what-if questions, identify potential customers, build out an advisory board, and navigate the path to a seed round.  

...and a whiteboard 

A safe place for radical ideas

Mazarine Labs values creative brainstorming via our virtual workbenches.  The focus of each workbench is loosely defined to allow big ideas the space to grow. Workbench activity includes unpacking competing hypotheses, investigating customer needs, and reviewing proof of concept efforts.

Participation in Mazarine Labs ties early-stage companies to one or more of our workbenches where we have executives who are either SMEs or bring diverse business experience in water/wastewater.

We don't advertise what companies are in Mazarine Labs, but we welcome opportunities to chat by phone about the types of ideas and opportunities on our workbenches. 

Virtual Workbenches

Mazarine Labs is organized around virtual workbenches, with each focused on either a specific submarket, a particularly complex challenge, or an area of need we believe warrants investor attention. Over time these workbenches will change; below are the active workbenches at this time.

Water Risk

The FIRE sector (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) faces growing water-related risks spanning ag, real estate, supply chain, etc.  This exposure can be mitigated by leveraging innovations in data science, computer engineering, satellite-sourced data & Insights, and information technology,

Smart Home / Smart Building

Innovations that support owners, operators, and/or occupiers to more effectively manage water consumption, protect real estate assets, and enhance health and safety through IoT and data analytics


This workbench is dedicated to technology innovations that are effective in testing/scanning and removing/eliminating PFOS / PFAS in the water supply, in wastewater, and in potable water at the point of entry (PoE) and the point of use (PoU)

Suburban/Rural Utilities

While many companies innovate for the large and essentially impenetrable big utilities, Mazarine finds the small/medium utility opportunity compelling, especially for SaaS offerings. 

Social Impact

This workbench is home to our efforts to accelerate early-stage companies with offerings that address the water and wastewater needs that deliver meaningful social impact.

Ag, Wetlands, and Watersheds

This is a very exciting workbench as the ideas and innovations explored are relevant to public health, conservation, and a myriad of stakeholders 

Process Innovation

A workbench for advancing new technologies and new approaches that provide a step-change in the cost / performance ratio of current processes for water and wastewater treatment


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