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Event Recap: Climate Adaptation Roundtable & Technology Showcase

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

On June 8th Mazarine co-hosted a 90-minute virtual Zoom Meeting of climate practitioners operating at the intersection of Policy, Technology, and Investment to engage in discussion on key trends and investment opportunities in Climate Adaptation, with a specific focus on water-related risks.

Panel A: The Evolution of the Climate Adaptation Ecosystem Adaptation is rising, with the Biden-Harris Administration recently recommending a $562 million investment to make communities resilient to climate impacts. Will public funds change the landscape for adaptation and open the door to more investments and corporate action? Featured participants shared their perspectives on recent developments, trends, challenges, and opportunities ahead, with a focus on the interplay between public and private action to accelerate adaptation.

Featured participants included:

Dr. Sarah Kapnik, Chief Scientist, NOAA

Laurie Schoeman, Senior Climate Advisor, Executive Office of the President at Council for Environmental Quality

Galen Treuer, County of Miami-Dade

Emilie Mazzacurati, Caeli Strategy (Moderator)

Panel B: How are Investors ‘Framing’ the Climate Adaptation Opportunity? Featured participants shared their investment thesis, portfolio architecture, deal sourcing strategy, opportunities they are bullish/bearish on, and one or two opportunities for possible syndication. Investing in adaptation tech includes innovations that help industry and society deal with our new climate reality, including geospatial, earth observation, meteorology, in-situ sensing, lab services, data integration, consulting, and technology innovations that help industry and society manage water scarcity, flooding, and compromised water quality risks.

Featured participants included:

Anders Hallsby, Mazarine

Alex Laplaza, Lowercarbon Capital

Katie MacDonald, Caeli Strategy (Moderator)

Panel C: Technology Showcase The founders of 5 early-stage companies with innovations that support industry and society to adapt to climate-change-induced water risks across many sectors.

Featured participants included:

Marshall Moutenot, UpStream

Ryan Abernathy, Earthmover

Louise Bleach, Desolenator

Tad Schwendler, NATRX

John Smedegaard, Cordulus

Please contact Mazarine for more details.


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