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Leveraging Technology Innovation to Manage Aquatic Ecosystem Risks

Mazarine welcomes you to join us for a series of 3 virtual roundtables entirely focused on where and how we can more effectively leverage technology innovations to manage aquatic ecosystem risks.

The objective of this webinar series is to convene Mazarine's network of practitioners passionate about addressing our collective surface water challenges. We anticipate that all participants will be able to trade notes on market trends, investment opportunities, and technology innovations that help industry & society manage aquatic ecosystem risks. Discussion of policy will naturally come up, but this series will have a heavier focus on technology, engineering, and investment.

Discussions will include lakes, rivers, wetlands, and coastal marine ecosystems - all of which are being increasingly stressed by invasive species, nutrient pollution, and the effects of an already disrupted climate.

Participants include practitioners in testing & monitoring, consulting & engineering services, remediation, investment, non-profit, academia, and the public sector.


November - Aquatic Invasive Species

December - Nutrient Management & Harmful Algal Blooms

January - Coastal Marine Ecosystem Risks

Webinar Format

No powerpoints, no pitches, no sponsors, these 60-minute, repartee-style webinars will include moderated discussion with featured participants who will share insights on trends and opportunities in 1) testing & monitoring, 2) consulting & engineering services, and 3) remediation solutions, spanning water quality and quantity challenges facing freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems.

Industry Snapshot

The freshwater aquatic ecosystem management industry (eg: lakes, rivers, and other freshwater water 'assets') in North America is estimated to be $21B, and the coastal marine ecosystem management industry (eg: mangroves, intercoastal waterways, estuaries, and other saltwater 'assets') is estimated to be north of $100B. Both fresh and saltwater ecosystem industries include a wide range of players, solutions, applications, and a myriad of hardware & software technologies.

Testing and Monitoring solutions include equipment/devices (sensors, sondes, etc) software, and services, spanning: environmental testing labs, weather monitoring, earth observation / geospatial, AI and data integration/transformation tools, handheld testing tools, buoys, data mgmt. & reporting, and fixed remote sensing devices.

Consulting & Engineering Services include project design & planning, project management, ecosystem monitoring, feasibility studies, ecosystem modeling, audits/assessments/investigations, litigation & expert witness, and other consulting services

Remediation Solutions include earth works, chemical remediation, biological augmentation, weed control, sediment and muck removal, ultrasonics, aeration, and wetland development (buffers, etc)


This series of webinars is hosted in partnership with Mazarine's Fund III - which is hyper-focused on Climate Adaptation Tech ('CAT') and Mazarine's surface water accelerator, called Vigilant.

More details on Vigilant here

Inquiries here.


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