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Event Recap: Climate & WaterTech

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The first annual Climate & Water-tech symposium was hosted at WEFTEC in New Orleans on October 9th, 2022. The program covered both 'sides' of Climate-tech, decarb and adaptation. Plans are being made for the 2023 program at WEFTEC in Chicago.

The Mazarine team: Pete Nassos, Anders Hallsby, Tami Fratis, and John Robinson. Mazarine is spearheading a movement to more effectively connect so-called 'water-tech' to Climate-tech.

Why a Climate Adaptation event at WEFTEC?

Extreme weather events and an increasingly severe fire season are clearly 'symptoms' of an already changed climate, but most climate experts point to water-quantity and quality risks being the challenge that will bring industry and society to our knees. NetZero and 'transition to a low carbon economy' efforts necessarily need to continue, but Mazarine has identified the adaptation 'side' of ClimateTech an area where we can lend a hand as we are early-stage technology investors with an impact mandate, and focused on water risk.

59 attendees joined the program, which was followed by a networking reception.

CEO of Swirltex Rob Budiano, introduces how their technology helps their customers adapt to the new climate reality where water availability is not guaranteed. Swirltex can be included in water/wastewater, but increasingly companies like this are being seen as Climate Adaptation Tech or CAT.

CEO of AquaMembranes Craig Beckman, demonstrates how their technology enables customers such as Micron technology to increase the use of reverse osmosis to treat low quality water while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint. Just like Swirltex, AquaMembranes ins a Climate Adaptation play.

2023 Virtual Roundtables on Climate Adaptation

As a follow-up to the New Orleans program on October 9th, Mazarine is planning a series of virtual Climate Adaptation Roundtables for 2023. If the adaptation and climate-change-induced water risks, is a topic of interest for your company/organization, you can register here.


October 9th Agenda

3:30 p.m. Networking

4:00 p.m. Welcome Remarks

"The Two ‘Sides’ of ClimateTech" John Robinson, Partner, Mazarine

4:05 p.m. Panel on Decarbonization Tech

Pete Nassos, Partner, Mazarine (Moderator)

Amanda Lake, Head of Carbon and Circular Economy – Water Europe, Jacobs

Sean Lammerts, Solutions Director – Strategic Growth Initiatives, Black & Veatch

Venkee Sharma, Executive Chairman, Aquatech

4:35 p.m. Panel on Climate Adaptation Tech

Anders Hallsby, Partner, Mazarine (Moderator)

Dick Co, Director, Chain Reaction Innovations, Argonne National Laboratory

Eva Steinle-Darling, Water Reuse Technical Practice Director, Carollo

Emrah Ercan, General Manager, Ingersoll Rand

Jeroen Koppes, Director, Global Marketing, Solenis

5:05 p.m. Technology Showcase

-Decarb (early-stage companies with innovations that help their customers decarbonize water/wastewater assets/processes)

Devesh Bharadwaj, CEO, Pani

Craig Beckman, CEO AquaMembrane

Chris Sosnowski, CEO, WaterClick

-Adaptation (early-stage companies with innovations that help their customers adapt to an uncertain water future - due to a changing climate.)

Mark Kovscek, CEO, Conservation Labs (Couldn't make it last minute)

Rob Budianto, CEO, Swirltex

John Higley, CEO, EQO

5:45 p.m. WEFTEC Climate Happy Hour

7:00 p.m. Event Concludes


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