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A venture fund entirely focused on Climate Adaptation Tech, backing early-stage companies with innovations that democratize tools all of us need to see, understand, and address climate-change-induced water risks. 

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1. We need technology innovations that help industry and society adapt to our new climate reality, which mostly comes in the form of water quality and quantity risks. Adaptation is of equal importance to NetZero efforts.


2. Today, unfortunately, only large companies, governments, and the wealthy are able buy ‘climate risk’ data and tools, or hire consultants to help them navigate their climate-change-induced water risks.  


Conclusion: We see the need for an investment thesis that addresses the climate adaptation needs of everyone, which will generate social and environmental impact, and a compelling financial return. 


Invest in early-stage companies with innovations that democratize climate adaptation by enabling more people to take an active role in adjusting/adapting to our new climate new reality, which is mostly bringing water quality and quantity-related risks.


Fund III portfolio companies have innovations that lower the barriers for everyone, big and small, individuals, businesses, and governments alike, to access the data and tools they need to minimize the impact of our changing water reality.


With our background as venture investors in water-tech, Mazarine leverages our experience and network to understand the trends, build a funnel of investment opportunities, and steer each portfolio company to exit.


Mazarine coined the term and built a taxonomy around Climate Adaptation Tech, or “C.A.T.”, which refers to technology innovations that enable industry and society to manage climate-change-induced water risks.  


Young companies with offerings that help customers of all sizes and geographies manage risks associated with the myriad of climate-change-induced water risks. The deals fall into one of three verticals:

Observe: Technologies that allow us to measure, monitor and see how the physical world is changing;

Analyze: Technologies that help us interpret and understand trends and risks in the physical world; 

Address: Technologies that affect change on the physical world and do something to minimize water quality or quantity risks.

* Many of the companies Fund III invests in might label themselves as ag-tech, water-tech, fin-tech, or prop-tech. From Mazarine's perspective, they are also in ClimateTech, just not on the decarb side.     

A movement 

Mazarine is part of a movement that includes academia, the public sector, non-profits, businesses, and investors who recognize that while decarb/netzero efforts will necessarily continue, industry and society also need to invest in innovations to help us adapt.    


“Further warming is unavoidable over the next decade at least”

~McKinsey & Company, here

” The financial sector has a crucial role to play in directing capital towards adaptation”

~Standard Chartered Bank, here


"Addressing climate change requires both mitigation and adaptation, and we believe the latter represents an even better business opportunity."

~Harvard Business Review, here

"Bill Gates’s energy venture fund is expanding into climate adaptation and later-stage investments"

~Breakthrough Energy Ventures, here

Utilizing the ESG framework

Measure impact by applying the ESG framework to score portfolio companies on how their innovation supports their customers’ climate adaptation efforts, which span E, S, and G.



Fund III cuts checks between US$500k and $5M, and will participate in follow-on rounds as appropriate.

Why Mazarine

Mazarine is not only a leader in the movement to invest in the adaptation 'side' of ClimateTech, but we are also spearheading investment into the democratization of climate-risk data, and ensuring everyone has access to innovations that help them see, understand, and do something about climate-change-induced water quality and quantity risks.  


Fund III, or Mazarine Climate Adaptation Tech Fund ("MazCAT") is backing early-stage companies with IP rooted in sensing, software, analytics, computer engineering, and other innovations that help customers of any size meet their climate adaptation needs/goals. 

  • Established: 2023

  • First Investment: Q2 2023

  • Stage: Seed and Series A

  • Expected Investments: 15

  • Check Size:  $500,000 to $5M

  • Board Seat: Preferred

  • Syndicate Participation: Expected

  • HQ location: North America, Europe, Israel, ANZ

What Fund III looks for

Companies with innovations that lower the barriers to data and tools that bring efficiencies and/or reduce climate-change-induced water or wastewater risks in agriculture, aquaculture, buildings, climate, conservation, financial services, industry, power generation, and/or utilities.  

Looking for IP rooted in: Chemistry, Data Science, Diagnostics, Computer Engineering, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Materials Science, Metagenomics, Microbiology, and Process Engineering.

What problem are the Fund III companies solving?

The costs of climate data and tools to see, understand, and do something about climate-changed-induced water risks are still prohibitively expensive for all but the wealthiest governments, companies, and households.   Lets make it easier for small businesses, farmers, and rural and disadvantaged communities to prepare for our new climate reality.    

What's out of scope? 

Decarb/NetZero innovations or innovations Carbon Offset / Natural Capital.  While Mazarine does support efforts to stop/slow carbon emissions, this Fund has a sole focus on helping humanity adapt to our new climate reality.  

How do we see the climate adaptation opportunity? 

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