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Mazarine opens London office

As part of our efforts to participate in more international opportunities, Mazarine opened an office in London on 01 September 2022.

Building off Mazarine's first chapter in N. America we decided that an office in London would offer us access to investment and collaboration opportunities across the UK, Scandinavia, and Europe.

Heading up the new London office is Mazarine Co-founder John Robinson, with a mandate to 1) expand Mazarine's deal-flow, 2) consolidate Mazarine's investor syndicate, and 3) build partnerships with organizations who share Mazarine's focus on investing in companies with hardware, software, or business model innovations that address some aspect of water/wastewater-related risk.

Robinson provides some context "Since starting Mazarine in 2018 we have seen many innovative young companies in this region, but geographic barriers presented challenges. The Mazarine London office helps overcome this barrier."

Who is Mazarine? Early-stage venture investor with an impact mandate to back companies with innovations that generate social and/or environmental impact by addressing water/wastewater-related risks. We operate an incubator and 3 funds.

What's our Investment Thesis? One of today's most compelling impact opportunities is to back early-stage companies with technology innovations that address water/wastewater related risks, which span many industries, including: agriculture, aquaculture, the built environment, conservation, finance/insurance, manufacturing, power generation, and/or utilities. Whilst municipal drinking water is an attractive space, water is a protagonist in many industries.

What are we seeking? Early-stage founders who understand where and how their innovation addresses their customers' 'water risks' which could manifest in one or more of these categories: 1) public health & safety risks, 2) climate adaptation risks, 3) environmental protection risks, and/or 4) business disruption risks.

So is Mazarine in the water industry? We are technology investors entirely focused on early-stage companies with innovations that address water-related risks, which brings us into Ag-tech, Pro-tech, Insur-tech, Climate-Tech, Health-tech, and other markets where water has always been the protagonist; however, due to an already changed climate, our hero has turned into the antagonist, disrupting things and destroying lives and livelihoods.

Contact Mazarine here.


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