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Event: Industrial IoT and Autonomy

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Co-hosted by Mazarine Ventures and Caterpillar Digital.

This invite-only luncheon featured a presentation on Cat Digital's mission; key initiatives such as autonomy, predictive analytics, and applications; and plans for significant growth in Chicago.

Cat is a leader in industrial IoT, and co-hosted this luncheon as part of strategic efforts to network with experts in data science, including sensing, AI, ML, network connectivity, and IIoT innovations. This luncheon roundtable also aligns with Chicago's increasingly high-profile reputation as a hub of data science talent.

As part of the luncheon program, 6 early-stage technology executives were invited to introduce their IoT-related innovations for industrial markets, spanning O&G, mining, construction, industrial plants, and infrastructure. They did not pitch, rather, we asked each executive to share their experience and insights in industrial IOT and autonomy in a roundtable format.

As a newly launched Chicago venture fund, Mazarine Ventures has a major focus on data science innovations with applications in industrial innovation and sustainability, including industrial water and wastewater.


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