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Event: Monitoring Water Quality using DNA/RNA Technology

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Water quality has always been important, but due to increased concern about public health and safety in the Covid-19 era, tools to manage water quality have never seen such strong tailwinds.  

So we asked ourselves, what tools are on the cutting edge of mitigating water quality risk? DNA / RNA science and technologies have brought about a fundamental transformation in the healthcare, medicine, food, and agriculture industries.   But when will water quality receive the benefits that metagenomics and DNA/RNA-based testing bring?

Johnny Pujol is CEO of SimpleLab. SimpleLab is a rising star in water quality testing thanks to its innovative laboratory SaaS-based platform. SimpleLab gives residential and commercial clients faster and more affordable lab testing access, report personalization and insightful analytics.

John Higley is CEO of EQO, an early-stage company bringing innovation into the aquatic invasives space by leveraging RNA science to enable improved diagnostics and treatment of invasives, starting with Zebra mussels - which contribute to compromised drinking water in cities around the world.  

Take Ogawa is CEO of Veracet, an early-stage company that has a growing following around their metagenomics toolkit, which includes a proprietary DNA profiling technology to detect all bacteria in a single test to accurately identify the source of the pollution.

Khalid Alam is CEO of Stemloop, which is an early stage company developing biosensors for public health applications. Stemloop’s proprietary cell-free synthetic biology platform enables decentralized and democratized testing of of public health threats, starting with the environmental detection of SARS-CoV-2.

John Robinson is a Partner with Mazarine Ventures, an early stage investor in technology innovations that address water/wastewater challenges, spanning  agriculture, buildings, industry, and municipalities. Innovations that address water quality, including DNA/RNA, is a substantial area of focus for Mazarine. 


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