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World Water Day - Great Lakes Open House

You have probably heard that the Great Lakes has 20% of the world’s freshwater. This is remarkable, but unfortunately not that helpful for people around the world. The bigger story is that the region is a leader in innovations that bring efficiency improvements and risk management tools to communities around the world.

In recognition of 2021 World Water Day, Mazarine Ventures hosted a virtual 'open house' spotlighting some of the water/wastewater innovation activities across the Great Lakes region.

Instead of powerpoints or pitches, this 60-minute 'tour' offered attendees a thumbnail of the region’s heft in technology innovations that address water/wastewater challenges in agriculture, conservation, buildings, industry, and utilities.

Our Featured Participants spotlighted the region's innovation ecosystem, spanning: 1) test-bed, pilot, demo programs, 2) corporate innovation, and the 3) broader innovation ecosystem including universities, start-ups, non-profits, and talent. Featured Participants included: Rahim Kanji, Alaina Harkness, Ebie Hoist, Dean Amhaus, Judith Herschel Cole, Mark Bertler, Pete Nassos, Anders Hallsby, Mary Connelly Eggert, Kevin Sofen, and John Robinson

Watch the recorded version here, and contact Mazarine directly to request webinar notes.


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