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Event: WaterClick Launches on Oct 14

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Mazarine is pleased to announce that after incubation in our incubator, Mazarine Labs, WaterClick - the newest name in 'digital water', soft-launched via webinar on October 14th and an in-person reception on October 18th.

WaterClick's vision is clear: To accelerate the modernization of small and medium-size water/wastewater utilities, we need to simplify digitization.

While most industry leaders point to the utility culture or constrained budgets as the reason for slow adoption, WaterClick believes that the barrier to digitization is that the current digital offerings are simply not 'right sized' for smaller systems.

From the vetting of competing digital offerings to onboarding and integration, the way digital water offerings are being sold needs to change. That's where WaterClick comes in.

Join the October 14th discussion if you are an investor, engineering consultancy, corporate, non-profit, or technology company passionate about accelerating the digitization of water/wastewater utilities. Sign up here. This October 14 webinar is a prelude to WaterClick's October 18th launch reception, which will be held during WEFTEC in Chicago.

Learn more about WaterClick

October 14th Webinar Recording here

Access Passcode: WaterClick2021%


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