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Event Recap - Great Lakes University Roundtable (June 14/15)

On June 14 and 15, Mazarine Labs hosted a two-day program featuring water and/or wastewater-related research and innovation coming out of 9 universities in the Great Lakes region. While the region is best known for having an abundance of freshwater, what is less well known is the research and technology innovation coming out of the region’s universities. There are dozens of universities around the region with water-related research and technology start-ups, and the 2021 program featured 9 universities, including: University of Minnesota, University of Toronto, University of Michigan, Clarkson University, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, Ryerson University, The Ohio State University, and Northwestern University. The objective of this event was to offer Mazarine’s network an opportunity to learn more about the region’s university research and technology innovation that could potentially be commercialized over the coming years to address water risks in agriculture, conservation, buildings, financial services, industry, and utilities.

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Event Recap, June 2021 Great Lakes University Technology Roundtable - WaterWastewaterResea
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