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PoV: Why is PFAS an Area of Interest to Mazarine Ventures?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

PFAS headlines will continue to catalyze fear, the threat of strict regulations will loom, and the non-profit conservation and public health community will elevate their attacks on cities and states that are not prioritizing the emerging PFAS crisis. Elected officials will respond by looking for low-cost but effective ways to monitor and test their jurisdiction for presence of PFAS, and cross the remediation bridge when concentrations are found.

Mazarine’s Thesis:

PFAS detection and destruction is an emerging investment opportunity with an attractive risk/reward ratio, but with an uncertain timeline due to current apparent disinterest of the EPA to formally designate PFAS as hazardous compound.

Read Mazarine's Point of View on PFAS below

Mazarine,PFAS Point of View (Oct2020)
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