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Event Recap: Data Science in Water/Wastewater (Dec 8)

On December 8th, Mazarine's John Robinson, and Foresight Canada waterNEXT's Alan Shapiro moderated a discussion around the growing role of data science innovations that address inefficiencies and risks relating to water/wastewater. The 6 featured participants included:

Donya Saghattchi, Founder, COO, Amplytica Naysan Saran, Co-Founder and CEO, CANN Forecast Tim Sutherns, President, Digital Water Solutions Jess Joan Goddard, PhD, Chief Science Officer, SimpleLab Julie Schmidt, Head of Analytics, Conservation Labs Rich Pauloo, Data Scientist, Larry Walker Associates The December 8th recording can be found here,.

Follow up with Mazarine's John Robinson to register for Mazzarine's quarterly series of Data Science Roundtables in 2022, or ask to participate in our Water in "Industry 4.0" workshops inside of our incubator, Mazarine Labs, here.


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