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Event: 2021 World Water Day - Great Lakes Open House

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

A tour of the region’s water and wastewater technology innovation ecosystem.

In recognition of 2021 World Water Day, we invite you to join a virtual ‘open house’ spotlighting some of the water/wastewater innovation activities across the Great Lakes region. Instead of PowerPoints or pitches, this 60-minute 'tour' will offer attendees a thumbnail of the region’s heft in technology innovations that address water/ wastewater challenges in agriculture, conservation, buildings, industry, and utilities.

Our featured participants will spotlight the region's innovation ecosystem, spanning: 1) test-bed, pilot, demo programs, 2) corporate innovation, and the 3) broader innovation ecosystem including universities, start-ups, non-profits, and talent.

For more information please contact us at


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