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Event: Could Business Model Innovation be the Next Big Thing in Water? (Nov 15)

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Where and how entrepreneurs and corporates are reimagining the way products and services are bought and sold

Join us on November 15th for a roundtable discussion focused on where and how business model innovations that address water/wastewater challenges are potentially becoming more disruptive than technology itself. Or, put another way, technology innovations of course will always matter, but is the way products and services are bought and sold (ie; the business model) finally receiving the attention it deserves?

This roundtable is sans-powerpoint with no presentations or pitches, and will only feature interviews with three entrepreneurs and three corporates individually sharing their experience in coming up with and executing a new business model to tackle some challenge relating to water and or wastewater.

Co-hosted and moderated by Paul O’Callaghan of BlueTech Research and John Robinson of Mazarine.

Early-stage Company Interviews

Jeff Jenson, CEO, CLYR Pool

Johnny Pujol, CEO, SimpleLab

Chris Sosnowski, CEO, WaterClick

Corporate Interviews

Steve Dawson, VP, Global Business Development, Services, Xylem

Snehal Desai, Vice President, Technology & Innovation, Evoqua Water Technologies

Fredrik Nyrén, Business Director, Application Strategist and Water Treatment Expert, Kemira

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