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PoV: Shaping your Investment Thesis in Water

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Mazarine's John Robinson was one of the featured speakers in the September 15th webinar co-hosted by Mazarine and Barclays. He offered the audience insights on 1) how Mazarine defines the early-stage investment space, 2) considerations for shaping an early stage thesis, and 3) a high-level summary of Mazarine's thesis, spanning Mazarine Labs, Mazarine Ventures, and Mazarine Technology Investments.

The 90-minute webinar offered attendees a primer on how investors might consider an allocation towards investment opportunities relating to the business of water/wastewater, spanning industry and society.

Each featured presenter had exactly 10 minutes to provide high level insights on market dynamics, trends, top players, recent news, and why an investor may want to consider one of these eight ‘plays’ over another.

Hosted by Mike Reardon, Water Industry Investor, the webinar addressed investments in:

1. Publicly-traded water utilities that sell water to ratepayers (Sean Diskin, Barclays)

2. Private water infrastructure and utilities (Alexander Loucopoulos, Sciens Capital)

3. Publicly-traded water indices (Eric Beaumont, Barclays)

4. Private technology or engineering services corporates with offerings that address some aspect of water (Sucharita Dasa, Barclays)

5. Private impact or conservation undertakings that address some aspect of water (Margaret Bowman, Spring Point Partners)

6. Publicly-traded technology or engineering services corporates with offerings that address some aspect of water

(Eric Beaumont, Barclays)

7. Private project finance for water/wastewater infrastructure (Jeff Mathews, Barclays)

8. Pre-seed, seed, or growth-stage technology or engineering services companies with offerings that address some aspect of water (John Robinson, Mazarine Ventures)

This webinar did not promote specific investment opportunities. While each featured speake briefly introduced their organization, this webinar was intended for sharing and learning, not pitching a thesis or investment products. The insights and recommendations offered in this webinar did not necessarily represent the views of the webinar hosts. Investors should consult with an investment professional before making investment decisions of any size.


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