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PoV: Water in the Smart Home

We are often asked about investment opportunities relating to water within the Smart Home industry. Locks, lights, and thermostats are now smart and seeing widespread adoption, what about water? What can be done with water in single family homes, multi-family, or commercial property? Leak detection is an obvious play, but we asked what else is there? Mazarine Labs has prioritized this space, and our bullishness continues to grow building off our investments in Flume, Conservation Labs, Clyr, and to some extent SimpleLab's TapScore. Our investigation has uncovered some compelling opportunities, but just like anything, the opportunities are not straightforward.

Mazarine’s Thesis around Water in the Smart Home:

The adoption rate for water-related devices in the Smart Home will be accelerating; however, a good portion of these devices will not be “smart” in the established meaning of the word. The most compelling investment opportunities are for innovations that allow the homeowner to readily integrate into the existing Smart Home ecosystem, that do not require professional installation, and where convenience is a significant part of the value provided by the device.

In summary, our Point of View (PoV) is that there are attractive investment opportunities for water-related devices and services that enhance convenience and improve health and safety for the water consumer and the property owner. Download Mazarine's PoV below.

Water in the Smart Home PoV 2021 FINAL (
Download • 605KB

Mazarine’s in-house incubator, Mazarine Labs, regularly hosts events organized around specific public “workbenches” that are focused on areas of interest to Mazarine and our partners.

Contact John Robinson at to register your interest in joining Mazarine Lab's next Smart Home / Smart Building workbench where we dig deeper into trends and opportunities, including products/technologies that Mazarine's research suggests will do well in the coming 3 to 5 years.


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