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How have we organized our dealflow?

The taxonomy by which Mazarine has organized our funnel of prospective investments is pragmatic, and informed by our investment thesis, which is: Invest in innovations that address water/wastewater inefficiencies and risks, and by doing so generate social and environmental impact.

The Venn Diagram below illustrates the broad 1) Think, 2) See, and 3) Do categories of our funnel, and reveals the intersects (Venn overlap) which is where Mazarine spends most of our time.

  • Innovations that help the customer ‘Think’: Automated generation of insights, enabling a proactive and/or optimized response.

  • Innovations that help the customer ‘See’: Assessing current status and conditions through sensing, secure communication of data and processing of data to inform decision making and enable remote operation.

  • Innovations that help the customer ‘Do’: Design, manufacture, install, operate and service equipment, consumables and infrastructure that helps reduce and manage the identified water-related risks.

How does Mazarine utilize this "Think/See/Do" taxonomy?

Yes, we know it's a bit simplistic; however, we find this Think/See/Do an elegant solution to 'water-tech' taxonomy. Briefly, this Venn is one way by which we see opportunity.

“Do” is where the rubber meets the road, and where the majority of impact and revenue are generated.

“Think” and “Do” improve the efficiency, optimizes outcomes, maximizes the margin (i.e. impact and revenue multipliers).

“See” provides visibility tools required for “Think” and “Do” to deliver.

Mazarine views the most compelling investment opportunities at the intersects with “Do”, as the “Do” revenue and/or savings will directly offset the cost of the new technology, and generate impact.

Contact Mazarine to learn more about our funnel and how we see opportunities.


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