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2022 CALENDAR (Q1 & Q2) 


'Water-tech' Opportunities in Agriculture (1/19)

Agriculture is the largest user of water globally, so within 'Ag-tech' where are the emerging opportunities for technology innovations that address the water-related challenges faced by growers and their stakeholders? Details/Sign-up Here

Snowpack Monitoring/Forecasting-Tech & Near-future Water Availability  (1/31)

Understanding seasonal snowpack and Snow Water Equivalent ('SWE’) before, and throughout winter is an emerging opportunity in water resource management, and increasingly of interest to energy, ag, and communities reliant on spring runoff. Details/Sign-up Here


Quarterly Investor Roundtable - Industrial Water/Wastewater (2/8)

What’s your investment thesis, what’s your strategy, and what head/tailwinds do you see for technology companies with innovations that address water/wastewater challenges in food & beverage, pulp & paper, manufacturing, and extractive industries like oil & gas and mining? Details/Sign-up Here

Mostly Stalled: A Refreshingly Candid Discussion about the Modernization of Drinking Water/Wastewater Utilities in N. America (2/14)

Let's discuss the facts of life around digitization, privatization, and consolidation.  This roundtable aims to challenge some of the studies and prevailing wisdom offered by ‘armchair travelers’ who insist that utility operators ‘must be innovative’, public works directors ‘must change their mindset’, utilities 'have to modernize', or our favorite... ‘the future is digital’. Details/Sign-up Here

Beyond Linkedin Posts, Studies, and Whitepapers: A no-BS dialogue with 3 industry veterans about pragmatic solutions to water-related challenges (2/17)

It's time for some straight talk about hardware and software solutions with 3 industry vets who are able to operate beyond the fluff. Details/Sign-up Here


Women Technology Entrepreneurs (3/8)

In recognition of March 8th International Women’s Day, Mazarine and partners welcome you to join us in recognizing 10 entrepreneurs who are passionate about leveraging technology to address inefficiencies and mitigate risks relating to water and/or wastewater.  Details/Sign-up Here

UN World Water Day (Part I) - Groundwater Monitoring Tools (3/22)

In recognition of March 22nd UN World Water Day, this roundtable focuses on market trends and technology innovations that address the growing water security needs of municipalities - of all sizes, who rely on wells for source water. Relevant websites: UN World Water Day and Groundwater Summit  Details/Sign-up Here

UN World Water Day (Part II) - Rebuilding Public Trust Post Disaster/Emergency  (3/22)

In recognition of March 22nd UN World Water Day, this roundtable brings together professionals with experience in helping municipal drinking water utilities regain public trust in the aftermath of man-made or natural disaster emergencies.  Details/Sign-up Here


Haven't Heard of Synthetic Data? You Will.  (Rescheduled)

Predicting water/wastewater-related problems, before they are problems, used to rely on human expertise and experience; however, predictions are increasingly reliant on algorithms. But where are the petabytes of training data to ensure the AI realizes its potential?  Join this discussion to learn about how AI-generated synthetic data can and will improve predictive tools used to mitigate water quality and quantity-related risks.

The Growing Role of Bioinformatics & Metagenomics in Addressing Water/Wastewater Challenges (4/12)

Microbiological challenges are not new, but with recent breakthroughs in genome sequencing, field testing, data analytics, and cloud computing, diagnosing microbial issues and identifying the right actions to take has entered a new era that is more Biotech than what's traditionally been regarded as 'the water industry'. Details/Sign-up Here


Water in the Smart Home/Building - Roundtable Discussion (5/5)

Owners, operators, and occupiers of residential and commercial properties have benefited from innovations in locks, lights, and thermostats (also known as PropTech), but what about innovations that improve the management/use of water? Leak detection is an obvious starting point, but what other opportunities are emerging?   Join this discussion to hear commentary on trends and opportunities from our featured participants. Details/Sign-up Here


ClimateTech Symposium: Decarbonization & Adaptation - (5/23-24)

Mazarine and partners are hosting an in-person symposium addressing the importance of a two-prong strategy that includes both decarbonization and climate adaptation. To address the climate challenge, and generate a real return, we must move past the hype and focus on where the real opportunities are, looking at a wide variety of technologies addressing opportunities in multiple markets. This event includes panel discussions, roundtables, and showcases 16 early-stage technology companies with innovations that address either decarbonization or adaptation.  This in-person event is invite-only, please contact Mazarine for details.


Are Society's Water Challenges Actually Data Challenges?  (6/1)

What if businesses and society were able to more efficiently acquire not only more data, but data that truly improves our ability to make decisions related to water and wastewater related assets that result in better outcomes and favorably impact the bottom line? Details/Sign-up Here

Climate, Water, and the Business of Finance & Insurance

RESCHEDULED While lenders and insurers are not in the 'water business' or the 'water space' their exposure to water-related risks is growing. Join this discussion to engage in the discussion about where and how finance and insurance are leveraging innovations in predictive analytics to mitigate climate-driven water risks. 

Q3 and Q4 events will be confirmed at the end of Q2

Why does Mazarine host so many events?

As impact investors, catalyzing sharing and providing learning opportunities for our network is core to our mission.


The world's water-related risks are a challenge that calls on investors of all kinds to participate in whatever way they can. Our hope is that Mazarine's events offer investors insights into opportunities in this underserved space and shine a spotlight on potential cooperation or co-investment opportunities.

We are hypothesis-oriented investors, which means we question where and how water-related inefficiencies and risks can be addressed by leveraging new technology, or reimagining how existing technology might be repurposed. These events help us, and our network of partners, explore how breakthroughs might be realized.   


60-minute Zoom Webinars, unscripted but moderated, and nearly always sans-PowerPoint, offering more of a discussion than pitches or presentations. There are no fees to attend.  

Instead of 'panels', we invite Featured Participants from our network who share their insights. Participants generally include: Mazarine's investor syndicate, entrepreneurs, consultants, corporates, researchers, and nonprofits.


If you have suggested event topics, please contact Mazarine to discuss. 

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