Leveraging our backgrounds in venture, engineering, and business, Mazarine is unique in our focus on technology innovations that address water/wastewater challenges. We seek to be the first, or one of the first, outside investors in our portfolio companies and support their efforts to grow.        

Decades of experience in Water & Wastewater


Deep understanding of technologies, markets and sales channels for offerings targeting challenges in Water and Wastewater

Venture success in Water & Wastewater

Building-off prior fund successes, Mazarine understands that a highly-targeted approach is critical to investment success. 

Global network of senior contacts Water & Wastewater

Mazarine has an extensive network of experienced advisors & talent and regularly hosts invite-only networking events and roundtables focused on end-user markets, technology innovation, and industry trends.

We mentor our portfolio companies and facilitate introductions to our network of contacts

“The team from Mazarine is a valuable part of our startup journey, from introductions that have led to business opportunities to expert validation of our product and its role in addressing sustainability challenges.”  ~ Mark Kovscek, CEO, Conservation Labs


“Since investing, Mazarine has been an excellent partner for our company. John and the team have provided helpful advice along the way and have connected us to relevant players in the industry.”  ~ Eric Adler, CEO, Flume


“From the day Mazarine invested they have made introductions to key customers, partners, and potential investors. Additionally, the Mazarine team has provided invaluable consultation on a wide breadth of topics: the China market, creative revenue models, negotiating with large companies, and more.”  ~ Cameron Lippert, CEO, PowerTech Water


“We came to Mazarine with a small and quickly growing home water testing business. Even before investing in SimpleWater, John and Anders made valuable introductions and provided our team with new insight -- helping to grow and adapt Tap Score for use by larger industrial accounts. ~ Johnny Pujols, CEO, SimpleWater

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