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Event: Water in the Smart Home

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

On December 10 Mazarine Ventures and the Alliance for Water Efficiency convened an invitation only roundtable focused on technology innovations in plumbing, which is increasingly regarded as an exciting addition to the Smart Home.

In the consumer segment the most popular Smart Home water products are invasive and noninvasive flow monitoring, leak detection, water usage management, lawn irrigation control, and hands-free operation of faucets. In the future we see an increasing demand for water quality monitoring, temperature management, instant hot water, water-saving faucets and showers and enhanced visibility & control of appliances.

For multifamily housing key technologies include hardware and software relating to sensing, monitoring, control, purification, conditioning, disinfection, distribution, and heating that are enabled by cloud connectivity, decision support tools, and inter-operability with home/building management systems.


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