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The Retooling of Water

Co-hosted by Mazarine Ventures, Wells Fargo, Fredrikson & Byron, and Osborn360

Mazarine Ventures and partners hosted invitation-only symposium in Minneapolis - Saint Paul focused on so-called ‘smart’ hardware and software as they relate to water and wastewater in 3 ‘realms’, which were Smart Industry, Smart Urban Infrastructure, and Smart Plumbing.

The symposium’s guestlist included 60 attendees including Mazarine’s investment, technology, and corporate partners who understand that monitoring, connectivity and analytical tools are transforming water and wastewater in factories, neighborhoods, and our homes. The end-users are different, but the technologies are often the same.

The half-day program organized attendees into 3 groups of ~15 individuals who rotated through all 3 thematic workshops. Typical of Mazarine events, networking breaks, lunch, cocktails with event recap, and dinner offered plenty of opportunities for networking. Workshop discussions included semi-structured roundtable conversations around innovations in Information Technology & Connectivity (ITC) that cover: sensors, data analytics, cloud computing, imaging, robotics, machine learning, diagnostics, network connectivity, blockchain, and data management & reporting.

20 W Kinzie St, 17F Chicago, IL 60654

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