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Next-Gen Smart Plumbing Technologies

Co-hosted by Mazarine Ventures, Alliance for Water Efficiency, and the Northern Trust

Proximity Technology Ventures and the Alliance for Water Efficiency organized an invitation-only roundtable focused on ‘smart plumbing’ technologies, which included hardware and software used in visibility, control, and optimization of water in the built environment. Following the rapid market penetration of so-called ‘smart’ thermostats, lighting, and security, the time for retooling how we monitor, control, and filter residential and commercial water is at hand. From single family home and multi-tenant to hotel and commercial property, we are in a period of exciting IoT-fueled technology innovation and adaptation that offers health, safety, economic, and convenience benefits to all. This luncheon’s roundtable format was intended to drive discussion amongst guests about where and how recent technological innovation in IoT, network connectivity, AI, and materials science can enable property owners and operators to mitigate a wide range of risks, reduce costs, and increase convenience and overall peace of mind.

This invitation-only program featured 7 early-stage technology companies that are bringing innovative hardware and software innovations to market. The companies’ innovations span technologies that have applications at point of entry, point of use, temperature management, and throughout the property. Each featured executive briefly introduced their company, and lead an interactive discussion on sub-market opportunities they see, the competitive environment, and overall trends, including regulation and code. It was not a pitch, rather an opportunity to engage in discussion with technology executives who are at the forefront of smart plumbing. The hosts aimed to offer invited guests an opportunity to learn, share, and network around smart plumbing technologies for residential and commercial property.

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