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Event: Monetizing Data in Water & Wastewater

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Barclays and Mazarine Ventures hosted a roundtable luncheon on July 25 for an invite only guestlist that included corporates, investors, and early-stage technology companies. Entitled Monetizing Data in Water & Wastewater, the objective of the luncheon was to catalyze sharing, learning and networking.

The roundtable format didn’t include any keynotes or panels, but rather, after Barclays and Mazarine’s opening remarks, IBM and Evoqua opened-up the roundtable with their experience in monetizing data in water. Both companies have had success, but clearly there are a number of hurdles to overcome. Each guest was then offered an opportunity to contribute their thoughts on the topic.

Additional corporate participants included: Nalco Water, Moen, Suez, Kinetico, and Marmon Group. After a networking lunch, 6 early-stage technology companies were invited to introduce themselves and how their innovation enables their customers to monetize data in water. The featured companies included: 120 Water Audit, Ayyeka, Conservation Labs, Dropcountr, Klir, and Simple Water.

The luncheon wrapped-up with general roundtable discussion. Some of the topics discussed and key conclusions to monetize data in water were captured in our Event recap.


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