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Lead in the Pipes

Co-hosted by Mazarine Ventures, the McLean Group, and the Northern Trust.

Mazarine Ventures and McLean Group hosted an invitation-only roundtable focused on lead monitoring technology and lead removal technology from drinking water supply. The Flint, Michigan water crisis in 2014 brought national attention to lead contamination in their city’s drinking water supply. This bright spotlight on lead-contaminated drinking water launched a broader initiative nationally for countless concerned officials, businesses and homeowners to test water for lead contamination.The results were mixed with numerous communities discovering that they had an issue while others were deemed safe. While the Flint crisis certainly received the most publicity, this broad testing has shown that the lead-tainted drinking water is widespread not only across the U.S. but internationally as well. Regardless of market, experts agree the problem is multi-faceted and complex in every municipality with prohibitively expensive associated with detection and removal of potential lead source contamination. This luncheon’s roundtable format was intended to drive discussion amongst guests about where and how recent technology innovation can enable municipalities to get on top of this potential crisis, plus how schools, commercial properties, and households can ensure they have lead-free water including both point-of-entry and point-of-use solutions. This invitation-only program featured five technology companies that are bringing innovative hardware and software innovations to market. The companies’ innovations span technologies to monitor heavy metals, remove heavy metals, and track lead-related regulatory compliance. Each featured executive briefly introduced their company, and lead an interactive discussion on sub-market opportunities they see, the competitive environment, and overall trends, including regulation and code. This was not a pitch, rather an opportunity to engage in discussion with technology executives who are at the forefront of lead monitoring and lead removal technologies.

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