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Event: Water in the Smart Home

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

5 Innovations, 4 Key Submarkets, and 3 Emerging Trends

This March 18th program included conversations with featured participants, including entrepreneurs, corporate strategists, smart home consultants, and thought leaders in the smart home space. Participants learned about an innovative framework for understanding 'smart' in the context of water in the built environment, emerging trends, new technologies, and how 'water' is being approached by incumbent smart-home leaders.

Whilst the leak detection space continues to receive most of the attention, in this webinar our discussion casted the net wider, looking beyond asset protection to how “smart” allows us to make using water more convenient, helps mitigate health risks, improves efficiency, provides cost savings and allows the property owner, operator, or occupier to become a better steward of water resources.

Event recording can be found here. Mazarine's Point of View on this space forthcoming.

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