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Event: 2022 International Women’s Day (March 8)

Spotlighting 10 women founders / co-founders running early-stage technology companies with innovations that address water/wastewater challenges

In recognition of March 8th International Women’s Day, Mazarine and partners welcome you to join us in recognizing 10 entrepreneurs who are passionate about leveraging technology to address inefficiencies and mitigate risks relating to water and/or wastewater.

Whilst their company’s offerings address their customers’ water/wastewater challenges, these 10 entrepreneurs understand that they are ultimately in the business of environmental stewardship, climate adaption, and public health & safety.

With innovations spanning chemistry, data science, materials science, microbiology, and process engineering, these 10 entrepreneurs are representative of the hundreds of women entrepreneurs who wake up each day committed to “fixing” the way industry and society manage/use water, or deal with wastewater and stormwater. Thanks to corporates, nonprofits, consultants, and the public sector for their efforts, but similar to other modern-day challenges it’s entrepreneurship that will help humanity more effectively address our growing water/wastewater-related challenges.

Format The 60-minute program includes interviews with each of the 10 entrepreneurs, followed by a Q&A with the audience about water/wastewater trends and opportunities. This event is sans-powerpoint, and intended to be more conversational than pitches or presentations.

Moderators John Robinson, Mazarine

Abby Davey, H2O Global News

Technology Entrepreneurs

Macarena Cataldo-Hernandez, CEO, Viridis Research.

Jennifer Kim, CEO, SEUNwater

Ainhoa Lete, President, BuntPlanet

Carol Maxwell, CEO, MICROrganic Technologies

Julie Bliss Mullen, CEO, Aclarity

Paige Peters, CEO, Rapid Radicals

Meena Sankaran, CEO, KETOS

Karen Schuett, CEO, Livestock Water Recycling

Erika Schwarz Taylor, PhD, Co-Founder, EQO

Amanda Siqueira , CEO, VAPAR



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