Our relationships, research methodology, due diligence, and market intelligence are rooted in our three markets platforms.  Acting like Mazarine’s in-house consultancies, these platforms drive our investment strategy and support our portfolio companies. 

Built Environment

(residential, commercial, institutional).

Market drivers

  • Minimize water use / cost

  • Minimize water damage from leaks, water intrusion and backups

  • Manage water usage

  • Address water quality concerns

  • Consumer interest in water stewardship


(light & heavy, oil & gas, mining,

pulp & paper, agriculture).

Market drivers

  • Reduce the cost of water

  • Minimize cost of wastewater disposal

  • Address issue of "silver tsunami"

  • Manage water scarcity

  • Corporate sustainability initiatives

  • Employee interest in water


(water & waste water)

Market drivers

  • Minimize non-revenue water

  • Monitor and manage runoff

  • Address water quality concerns

  • Optimize / manage water and wastewater networks

  • Optimize asset utilization

  • Address issue of "silver tsunami"

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