We are a team of early-stage technology investors focused on innovations that address water and/or wastewater challenges, and generate social/environmental impact and venture returns. 


John Robinson
Anders Hallsby PhD
Tami Fratis
Pete Nassos


Utilities are only one part of the opportunity

Investment opportunities in ‘water’ include more than water utilities.  Whilst utilities certainly face significant challenges delivering water of the required quality and quantity, and managing wastewater, the water-related investment opportunities in agriculture, the built environment, and industry are equally, if not more, compelling markets for ’water-tech’.

* Investors in “water” need to understand the inelasticity of water, and diverse challenges it presents to a wide range of end-users.

Inefficiencies & risk

Users of water, whether farmers, homeowners, or companies, face inefficiencies relating to water quality (not fit for use) and/or water quantity (too much/not enough). Generally, quality-related inefficiencies present health-related risks, and quantity-related inefficiencies present business and economic risks.

* Investors in “water” need to understand that while sustainability and resiliency are important concepts, the opportunity is in mitigating risk.

Whilst policy is important, we believe effective solutions to societal and industrial water challenges exist within technology companies lead by founders who understand and adjust for the unique business characteristics of the multitude of market segments where water is a risk factor. The most needed innovations are in data-science, information & communication technologies (ICT), and process engineering.

* Investors in “water” need to understand which early-stage innovations show the most technical and commercial promise, and therefore warrant investment.


Data Science & Water

An important part of improving efficiencies and managing risk in 'water' is to leverage the data science toolbox, which is the main focus of Mazarine's Fund II.


Seeding Promising Ideas 

Before the world believes in founders...we do, by investing in seed-stage technology companies via Mazarine's Fund I.



What 'water' has been missing is a place for founders to diligently explore their vision and business model with peers, subject matter experts, and industry veterans.  Mazarine Labs fills this void.




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