Each of the following groups represents a relationship we have fostered in order to enhance Mazarine's ability to identify innovative early-stage companies, complete due diligence, and support the growth of companies we have invested in. 

Mazarine participates as a judge in ANL's Chain Reaction Innovation program, which is a two-year incubator program for early-stage technology companies with innovations that address environmental challenges.  


Mazarine is partnering with CTC on event programming relating to remote monitoring of urban infrastructure, which includes water/wastewater/storm.  A primary area of focus is technologies that assess Likelihood of Failure (LoF) of urban infrastructure.  

Current is a technology innovation hub in water/wastewater, with a focus on municipal challenges, including river monitoring. 


Mazarine is an active member and has a board seat at TWI, a leading authority on identifying, building, and maintaining wetlands.  Part of Mazarine's involvement is leveraging innovative data science and network connectivity technologies to increase the number of wetlands around the world. 

Mazarine is an active member of CAN with a primary focus on chemistry-based innovations that address water/wastewater challenges.  Mazarine and CAN exchange notes on deals where appropriate often look at co-investment opportunities. 

Mazarine maintains an active and ongoing partnership with CET around hardware and software innovations that address water/wastewwater challenges.  We also co-invest in opportunities where there is alignment.  

Mazarine is an active member of the A4WE, which includes research collaboration, events partnership, and sharing notes on technologies, regulations, trends, and opportunities.  

Mazarine is an active member of the MIT Water Club, which is the leading organizer of MIT's water/wastewater-related activities, including the Water Summit, Water Innovation Prize, and Water Night. Mazarine is involved in all three.   

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