The companies we invest in meet or exceed the following criteria 


  • Focus on a well-defined problem relating to water/wastewater

  • Mgmt team experienced in water/wastewater

  • Mazarine’s experience/expertise a value add

Product/Service Offering

  • Hard to replicate, and defensible IP

  • Tangible competitive advantage over similar offerings

  • Minimal CapEx required for the customer to buy

  • Low barrier to customer adoption, and stickiness

Growth Strategy

  • Understanding of success/failure in the target market

  • Strategic partnerships established 

  • Formal plan to manage supply chain risk (if applicable) 

  • Sophisticated branding strategy to support premium pricing

  • 3rd party endorsements and customer testimonials 

  • Credible sales pipeline


  • Clearly defined leadership roles 

  • Growth-minded and intellectually curious CEO with innate leadership qualities

  • Board and Advisors with experience and access 

  • Success in early fundraising

  • Formal succession plan 

  • Straightforward Cap Table 

Financial Metrics

  • $1m to 10M in recurring annual sales

  • Potential for $25M recurring within 3-5 years of Mazarine investment 

  • Opportunity for Mazarine board participation

  • Clearly defined margin projections

  • Confirmed interest from potential exits

  • Realistic valuation

Through our investor syndicate Mazarine is also leading seed-stage rounds in companies that don't meet the above criteria, but demonstrate compelling growth prospects. 

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