Meet the companies we are backing. These teams represent rising technology stars addressing water and wastewater challenges that leverage hardware, software, and business model innovation.

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Easy to deploy, low cost offering leveraging patented technology for removing heavy metals from industrial wastewaters without generating sludge or creating a hazardous waste issue.

​Headquarters: Lexington, KY

Date of Investment: July 2019

SimpleWater_SimpleLab Logo - Invested

The 'Uber' of water testing, this company has a proven model for connecting water testing labs with those needing testing, translating into a data gold mine of water quality across the U.S.

​Headquarters: Oakland, CA

Date of Investment: May 2019

Flume Logo - Invested

An innovative solution for non-invasive flow analytics at the meter, which translates into more accurate metering and enhanced leak detection. Early success with utilities and insurance companies.

​Headquarters: San Luis Obispo, CA

Date of Investment: March 2019

Conservation Labs Logo - Invested

Machine Learning methodology for non-invasive acoustic flow monitoring behind the meter that brings superior visibility into water quantity and pipe, equipment, and appliance health.

​Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Date of Investment: February 2019


3D printed spacers for RO membranes that brings game-changing performance to water filtration with higher flow and less fouling

​Headquarters: Albuquerque, NM

Date of Investment: January 2019

20 W Kinzie St, 17F Chicago, IL 60654

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