Meet the companies we are backing. These teams represent rising technology stars bringing innovations to market that address some of the most pressing water and wastewater challenges faced by industry and society. 


EQO provides an effective tool for municipalities, businesses, and conservation groups to employ for early detection and lower-cost effective treatment of invasive species in watersheds. Invasive species such as Asian carp and Zebra mussels threaten public health, conservation efforts, commerce, and recreation. 

​Headquarters: Austin, TX

Date of Investment: February 2020

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PowerTech's ElektraMet technology removes heavy metals from drinking and wastewater using electricity, without the need for chemicals or filters. The technology also continuously monitors removal efficiency and water quality, ensuring the treated water is safe of its intended use.

​Headquarters: Lexington, KY

Date of Investment: July 2019

SimpleWater_SimpleLab Logo - Invested

SimpleWater built the SimpleLab software platform and TapScore water quality test kit to deliver easy, fast, and low-cost water quality testing, connecting hundreds of certified environmental laboratories to millions of consumers and businesses. Simple Water provides families, businesses, organizations, and civic leaders unbiased information about their water quality and environmental health risks. In addition, the aggregated testing data, in combination with publicly available information from municipalities, enables SimpleWater to provide business and individuals with hyper local water quality risk assessments for any location in the US.

​Headquarters: Oakland, CA

Date of 1st Investment: May 2019

Date of 2nd Investment: February 2020

Flume Logo - Invested

A simple and affordable solution for homeowners and utilities to detect leaks and manage water usage. Machine learning algorithms provides the homeowner with insights into how water is being used and enables the homeowner to take action when something’s not right. For water utilities, real time data on regional water usage offers opportunities to optimize the operation of transmission and treatment assets.

​Headquarters: San Luis Obispo, CA

Date of Investment: March 2019

Conservation Labs Logo - Invested

Conservation Labs’ flagship brand, H2know, is a low cost, easy-to-install smart water monitor for institutional markets and commercial real estate. The device is strapped to the outside of the pipe, and through advanced machine learning algorithms it quantifies and classifies water use in any pipe in any environment enabling water savings and leak detection. 

​Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Date of Investment: February 2019


3D printed spacers for RO membranes that brings game-changing performance to desalination and water filtration by increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

​Headquarters: Albuquerque, NM

Date of Investment: January 2019

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