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Mazarine's Fund II is backing early-stage technology companies with innovations that help their customers manage risks relating to water and/or wastewater.  

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Portfolio Companies
About Fund II

Investment thesis

Fund II invests in early-stage technology companies that are already seeing commercial traction, nearing $1M in annual sales, and have IP that improves their customers' ability to manage water/wastewater-related in agriculture, aquaculture, buildings, climate, conservation, financial services, industry, power generation, and/or utilities.


How does Fund II invest?

For seed-stage opportunities Fund II prefers to set the terms for convertible/safe notes, and we will likely make more than one investment over a period of 1-2 years as our confidence in the founder(s) grows. In Fund I, a majority of the companies received 2 or more checks from Mazarine. For priced rounds we tend to follow whomever the lead investor is.


Fund II cuts checks between US$25k and $500k, and will participate in follow-on rounds as appropriate.

What problems are Fund II companies solving?

While their innovations address some aspect of water or wastewater, ultimately their customers face a myriad of challenges that might be better framed as: Public Health & Safety risks, Environmental Protection risks, Cost of Water risks, or Business Continuity risks.   


What industries are Fund II portfolio companies in?

In addition to utilities, the management and use of water are operational, financial, or brand risks for many industries spanning agriculture, aquaculture, buildings, climate, conservation, financial services, industry, power generation, and transportation. Mazarine often finds itself in technology verticals where water/wastewater plays a central role, including health-tech, climate-tech, fin-tech, prop-tech, reg-tech, insur-tech, and even transportation-tech. ​ 

What IP are Fund II companies built on? 

We don't invest in 'water', we invest in companies with IP rooted in Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Diagnostics, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Materials Science, Metagenomics, Microbiology, and Process Engineering. Mazarine Fund II is a technology fund backing young technology companies with hardware, software, or business model innovations that address risks relating to water and/or wastewater.

Making an impact

Mazarine views water as a risk. Whether public or private sector, rich countries or poor countries, farmers, miners, builders, lenders, and the water in our kitchen taps, the management and use of water is a problem, a headache, ..... a risk. It's factual to say 'water is our most precious resource' or 'water is life', but when looking to make a social and/or environmental impact, Mazarine finds the most effective strategy is to back companies who understand that they are helping their customer reduce or eliminate water quality or quantity-related risks.

How is the ESG framework utilized?

Measure impact by applying the ESG framework to score portfolio companies on how their innovation supports their customers’ ESG efforts.


Mazarine maintains an investor syndicate of early-stage investors including retired executives, angels, and other venture and impact funds.  In addition to their financial capital, companies in Mazarine Fund II benefit from the experience, expertise, and connections our syndicate brings to the table.  In Fund I, we led syndication for many of the portfolio company investment rounds, bringing in many other checkbooks who followed Mazarine's due diligence and convictions on the company.   Syndication inquiries




  • Established: 2023

  • First Investment: January 2023

  • Stage: Seed & Series A

  • Investments to date: 1

  • Check Size: $25,000 to $500,000

  • Follow-on checks: -

  • Board Seat: -

  • Syndicate Participation:  -

  • HQ locations:  CAN (1)

Questions about Fund II?

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