Mazarine Technology Investments ('MTI') is our growth-stage venture fund investing in Digital Insights & Decision Support ('DIDS') innovations that improve efficiencies and mitigate risks relating to water/wastewater   

Investing at the intersection of
data science and water
A fund built on the idea that if you can't measure it, you can't improve it
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MTI is entirely focused on sensing, software, analytics, computer engineering, and other digital innovations that address challenges relating to water/wastewater, spanning agriculture, conservation, buildings, industry, and municipalities.  

What is 'DIDS'?

Digital Insights & Decision Support, or 'DIDS', represents the most effective description for MTI's investment thesis and technology focus.  Phrases like 'smart water' or 'digital water' don't quite capture the needs and objectives of asset owners and operators, as well as the end-user.  Ultimately, what's needed is a tool to generate digital insights (what's going on right now?) and support decision-making (what do I need to do?), including both water quality and quantity issues.


What's Mazarine's experience in DIDS?

7 out of 11 of our FUND I portfolio companies are categorized as DIDS. AQUAOSO, Clyr Pool, Conservation Labs, EQO, FLUME, SimpleLab, and Veracet are essentially in the business of delivering insights digitally, and/or supporting decision-making relating to water quality or quantity. 


What about indirect water risk? 

Whilst MTI does have a focus on innovations that address the needs/objectives of 1) utilities and 2) users of water, a significant area of focus for MTI is on DIDS innovations that address the risk management needs of 3) those who face indirect risks relating to water/wastewater.  This 'exposure to' segment includes finance, insurance, reinsurance, REITs, futures traders, and public sector groups whose economics or 'brand' could be adversely impacted by unforeseen water quality or quantity events. This segment sits at the heart of Climate-tech and climate adaptation.     


MTI is backing growth-stage companies with IP rooted in sensing, software, analytics, computer engineering, or other digital innovations. 

  • Established: January 2021

  • First Investment: Q3 2021

  • Stage: Series A

  • Expected Investments: 15

  • Check Size:  $500,000 to $3M

  • Board Seat: Required

  • Syndicate Participation: Expected

  • HQ location: North America, Europe, Israel, ANZ

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