Flow is a media brand recognizing the most pioneering and dynamic people in water/wastewater. The high-quality print publication is circulated annually to investors, corporates, media, non-profit, and civic leaders.

Flow should be kept as a reference for anyone interested in knowing who is setting the agenda in water & wastewater.”   

– John Robinson, Publisher 

Whether corporate, entrepreneur, researcher, or investor, the individuals profiled in Flow are pushing boundaries, disrupting the status quo, or providing a narrative for the industry to follow. In short, recognition of the honorees in this publication is overdue as these individuals are literally shaping the future of water and the world. 

What makes Flow unique? In short, our criteria for selection. Honorees are: 1) focused on water/wastewater, 2) residing in North America, and 3) demonstrating leadership qualities that put them at the forefront of their activities in water/wastewater. Regardless of their focus on challenges in municipal, industrial, residential, commercial, conservation, humanitarian, or agriculture, the honorees recognized in Headwaters have created something out of nothing, taken risks, and been generous along the way. 







Editorial Focus: Flow introduces readers to 66 honorees from a wide range of categories, including: Authors, Connectors, Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors & Investment Advisors, Non-Profit Leaders, Industry Legends, Philanthropists, Scientists, and Thought Leaders. Each Honoree has a full-page photo with Q&A that offers insights on their worldview and personality.

Features: “Let the Money Flow", which will include interviews with investors and investment advisors on putting dollars to work in water/wastewater, including water rights, utilities, technologies, and other business model innovation. The second feature is entitled "Beyond the Gala", which will interview the new generation of charitable groups who are addressing water/wastewater challenges in creative ways"

Circulation: The print publication comes out every January, but is circulated throughout the year across North America. Copies of Flow reach the desks and mailboxes of investors, corporates, media, and government.


Partnerships: We welcome partnership with companies and organizations whose mission aligns with Flow, which is to give high profile recognition to some of the most pioneering and dynamic people in water/wastewater. 

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