We are focused on four distinct areas of opportunity ‚Äč

Data Driven Solutions

Solutions providing actionable insights for managing water/wastewater resources, for asset protection and optimization. Our investments in SimpleWater, EQO, Flume, and Conservation Labs represent our early positions in this space. 


Data-driven decisions are needed to: 

  • grow industry margins by improving efficiency and resource management 

  • reduce industry operating and maintenance costs 

  • address challenges of an aging workforce 

  • manage new 

Distributed Water

Solutions enabling localized cost-effective water purification, wastewater treatment and stewardship of water and energy resources. Our investment in Aqua Membranes represents our early position in this space. 


Distributed water solutions are needed to: 

  • address water scarcity, forcing industry to make use of new, lower quality water sources 

  • manage increasing costs associated with disposal of high strength wastewater 

  • provide consumers with a means to ensure their water is safe and promotes health 

  • grow business in water 

Health & Safety

Solutions ensuring that the water we consume is healthy and safe, and available in sufficient quantity, including humanitarian and disaster relief. Our investments in EQO and SimpleWater represent our early positions in this space. 


Health & Safety solutions are needed to: 

  • address challenges with municipal water quality and quantity, coupled with increasing urbanization 

  • address strong customer interest for safe and healthy water and growing middle class 

  • ensure water quality in aging water distribution systems 

  • address water shortages due to climate change coupled with increasing water scarcity 

Remediation & Restoration

Solutions reducing the cost for improving the quality of water in the environment. Our investments in PowerTech Water and EQO represent our early positions in this space. 


Remediation and Restoration solutions are needed to: 

  • address challenges with invasive species and agricultural runoff affecting drinking water supplies, industrial water use, and recreation 

  • reduce the cost of remediating contaminated water 

  • meet tightening regulations, both inside and outside the U.S. 

  • address a huge need for environmental remediation in newly industrialized economies such as India and China 

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