Bluehouse is a growth-stage investment fund focused on accelerating the deployment of water/wastewater-related testing & monitoring technologies from mature markets to Base-of-the-Pyramid communities around the world

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Investment thesis

Bluehouse invests in growth-stage Testing & Monitoring technology companies that are interested and capable of pursuing market opportunities in Base-of-the-Pyramid communities around the world.  We arrived at this thesis by asking why an innovative water quality testing company from California can’t be the market leader in, say,  Cambodia or Mali?  With the help of a Bluehouse investment, and a local partner in those countries, this future is not only possible, its plausible. 


Our vision is to bring 21st-century testing and monitoring tools to communities in need, whether it's a family testing their tap water, a farm seeking to understand next year’s floods, or a town needing to understand future water supply. These tools have been elusive to Base-of-the-Pyramid communities…until now.


Technology focus

Innovations in what we refer to as Testing & Monitoring (aka Diagnostics), which may include hardware and software that provide increased visibility into risks associated with water or wastewater, in agriculture, aquaculture, buildings, climate, conservation, financial services, industry, power generation, and/or utilities.


How is the ESG framework utilized?

Measure impact by tracking sales to Base-of-the-Pyramid countries, with higher sales meaning the portfolio company’s testing and/or monitoring technology is reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable people.   


How do we invest? 

We typically cut one check to Bluehouse companies.


More details

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Bluehouse is backing growth-stage companies with innovations in testing and monitoring with applications in water quality and water quantity. 

  • Established: 2021

  • First Investment: Q3 2022

  • Stage: Series A

  • Expected Investments: 10

  • Check Size:  $250,000 to $500,000

  • Board Seat: Not-Required

  • Syndicate Participation: Expected

  • HQ location: North America, Europe, Israel, ANZ

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