Mazarine Ventures is a technology investment firm entirely focused on innovations that address water and wastewater challenges.


Our mission is to invest in young companies who are leveraging hardware, software, and business model innovation in targeted end-user market segments, spanning: the built environment, industrial/ag markets, and utilities.  


Anders Hallsby PhD

In the water/wastewater business for 30 years as a scientist, engineer, and sales/marketing executive.

Most recently held an executive leadership role at Nalco, overseeing sales, marketing, and strategy.

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Tami Fratis

In the water/wastewater business for 8 years with Meidlinger Partners, as fund advisor, and board member.

In the investment business for 25+ years with experience in 10 funds and 32+ deals.

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John Robinson

In the water/wastewater business for 11 years as a consultant, specifically focused on international markets.

Most recently ran Mandarin Environment, a consultancy advising tech executives on business strategy and operations.

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New brand, veteran team

Stemming from the success of prior funds, we launched Mazarine Ventures in 2018 with a focus on hardware and software technologies that address water/wastewater challenges. Our Founding Partners bring the finance, science & engineering, technology, marketing strategy, and operational experience to drive success.  

"If you can't measure it,

you can't improve it"

People have been measuring and analyzing things for hundreds of years; however, the tools have significantly changed - especially in the last few years. We are intensely focused on innovations around data science, computer engineering, and information technology & communications as they relate to water/wastewater.

Our vision is straightforward

The broad and diversified global market for hardware and software technologies that address water/wastewater challenges is underserved by seed and venture investment. Mazarine is leveraging our 3 platforms to build a portfolio of the most promising hardware, software, and business model innovations to address water/wastewater challenges.

Human capital drives performance

Mazarine's leadership is Anders Hallsby, John Robinson, and Tami Fratis, who work in close collaboration with a bench of subject matter experts, venture partners, and advisors.

20 W Kinzie St, 17F Chicago, IL 60654

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