Are we 'water investors'?

No, we don't invest in 'water'.  We invest in early-stage technology companies with innovations that improve efficiencies and/or mitigate water-related risks, including water quality, water quantity, and wastewater.  While that may just appear to be semantics, our understanding of 'water' through the lens of technology and risk gives Mazarine a unique perch to see trends and opportunities.


How does Mazarine utilize the ESG framework? 

Mazarine measures our impact by applying the ESG framework to score early-stage technology companies on how the company's innovation supports their customers’ ESG efforts.


Mazarine has developed a proprietary scoring model used during due diligence to identify and understand where and how an early-stage technology company’s innovation can support their customers in their respective E, S, or G efforts. A higher score suggests the company’s offering significantly boosts their customers’ ESG efforts, and a lower score indicates there is only nominal support.  More details here

We are signatories of PRI

 We are pleased to announce that Mazarine is an official signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment ("PRI"). As impact investors entirely focused on innovations that address water-related risks, it's a natural fit for Mazarine to participate in any effort that encourages investors to use responsible investment to enhance returns and better manage risks. More details here

Bringing technology investors into 'water' 

Mazarine manages an investor syndicate of like-minded early-stage investors who share our thesis around water as a risk, as well as our mission to generate social and environmental impact. In addition to co-investing in deals, at the heart of our syndicate relationships is sharing and learning, which is reflected in our PoVs, and monthly events that convene our network. More PoVs and events here

Our PoV on investing in 'water'

Having enough water of the appropriate quality is a foundational and existential requirement across a wide variety of market segments, and managing and mitigating the risk associated with water quality and quantity is essential for public and private entities, as well as for individuals. Consequently, an investment in a technology that addresses a water and wastewater challenges will also be an investment in markets such as Agriculture, Aquaculture, Power Generation, Process industry, Municipal, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer etc., and an investment in "WaterTech" can also be characterized as an investment in:

  • AgTech

  • BioTech

  • ClimateTech

  • FinTech

  • HealthTech

  • InsurTech

  • PropTech/Smart Home

  • RegTech

For example, in Fund I: AQUAOSO is essentially a FinTech company, EQO and Veracet are BioTech, SimpleLab is HealthTech, Clyr, Flume, and Conservation Labs are PropTech/ Smart Home.

Mazarine's point of view is that while water is a common thread across all these investments, the investors' focus needs to be on the markets and the customers the investments are targeting, not on the water itself.