Backing early-stage innovations

that improve efficiency &

manage water and wastewater risk



We are technology investors

We partner with early-stage companies with innovations that address the most pressing water and wastewater challenges.  Across our 3 platforms, Mazarine Labs, Fund I, and Fund II, the investment opportunities that capture our attention are companies who bring efficiency and risk management tools to agriculture, commercial property, heavy and light industry, municipalities, or our homes.  

Our mission is straightforward

We generate social/environmental impact and financial return by investing in early-stage technology companies with innovations addressing water-related challenges.   


The Mazarine family continues to grow


We bring more technology investors into 'water' via Mazarine's syndicate, which includes like-minded technology investors who share our same mission to generate social and environmental impact in addition to financial return. Side by side with our efforts to cultivate co-invest partnerships, we also believe in sharing market insights and PoVs on a wide range of topics.    


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