Backing early-stage innovations

that improve efficiency &

manage water and wastewater risk



Water is a risk
Water can present significant risks to agriculture, conservation, real estate, industry, power generation, utilities, financial services, and human health. While the word "risk" may sound more negative than words like "sustainability" or "resiliency", the simple fact is that water-related risks impact individuals, as well as the public and private sector, in developed and developing countries alike.  Why not leverage technology innovations to drive efficiencies and manage risk?

Our thesis is
We generate social/environmental impact and financial return by using the ESG framework to evaluate and invest in early-stage technology companies with innovations that address their customer's water-related risk.

Are we 'water investors'? 
No, we don't invest in 'water'.  We invest in early-stage technology companies with innovations that address their customer's water quantity and quality risks. While that may just appear to be semantics, our understanding of 'Water-tech' through the lens of risk give's Mazarine a unique perch to see trends and opportunities. Whilst our portfolio companies' innovations address some aspect of water risk, the companies Mazarine invests in often consider themselves part of AgTech, BioTech, ClimateTech, FinTech, HealthTech, InsurTech, PropTech, and RegTech, which are all 'industries' where water-risk is a protagonist.  In other words, some of the most compelling 'water' opportunities are ironically outside what some might refer to as the 'water industry'. 
One company, three platforms
Across our 3 platforms, Mazarine Labs, Fund I, and Fund II, the investment opportunities that capture our attention are early-stage companies run by founders who understand where and how their innovation helps their customers more efficiently address water-related risks - however water risk manifests itself. 

Water Tanks
Water Tanks


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Water Samples

Water Tanks
Water Tanks



The Mazarine family continues to grow


Bringing technology investors into 'water' 
Mazarine's has developed an investor syndicate of like-minded technology investors who share our thesis around water as a risk, as well as our mission to generate social and environmental impact in addition to financial return.  In addition to co-investing in deals, at the heart of our syndicate relationships is sharing and learning, which is reflected in our PoVs, and monthly events that convene our network.  More insights here